SEE’s Foodie Finds LuLi’s Bakery

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SEE’s Foodie Finds LuLi’s Bakery

SEE’s Foodie Finds LuLi’s Bakery

SEE’s Foodie Finds LuLi’s Bakery

LuLi’s Bakery in St. Augustine Takes the Cake

LulisCupcakesDessert has always been the best part of a meal, but often times I find myself too full to indulge in the sweet endings. Because of this, I often visit local bakeries in the middle of the day looking for a chance to feed my large sweet tooth. When I stumbled upon LuLi’s Cupcakes, in downtown St. Augustine, I was intrigued as soon as I saw the words “Eat Dessert First” posted on the outside of adorable yellow storefront.

I decided to take their advice and walked in. I was immediately met with the sweet smell of cupcakes and the whimsy of a beautifully decorated dining area. The walls are lined with polka dots while the ceilings serve as the foundation for lamps that resemble the tops of frosted cupcakes.

In the middle of the store sits a glass case filled with BoxedCupcakesthe most decadent cupcakes I have ever seen. The store offers ten daily flavors that are recognizable like Simply Vanilla and Fire Engine Red Velvet and more unique flavors like Funky Monkey, a chocolate chip banana cupcake with milk chocolate frosting, and The Godfather, a triamisu cupcake with mascarpone cheese frosting and an espresso syrup drizzle. The store also features two specialty cupcakes each month. The May flavors are summer appropriate Strawberry Lemonade and Key Lime. As a frosting lover, I also appreciated the store’s offering of “frosting shots”, small cups of straight frosting.

Unable to choose just one, my mother and I decided to buy six flavors. We selected: Strawberry Lemonade, PB&C, Oreo, Fire Engine Red Velvet, What’s Up Doc, and Funky Monkey. We tried the What’s Up Doc, a carrot cake cupcake, first. The cupcake was moist and studded with the perfect amount of carrot shavings. The moist cake served as the perfect partner to the smooth cream cheese frosting that topped the dessert. The other flavors were also delicious. Every cupcake was soft and tasted as if it had just came out of the oven. The flavor combinations, even the unique Strawberry Lemonade flavor, seemed to work very well together. The only complaint that I have is the fact that LuLi’s isn’t closer to my home.

CupcakesinCaseLuLi’s also sells ice cream often in the same flavors of their cupcakes. As I lingered over the ice cream case I asked how long they had been in business. Judging by the on-point taste of their cupcakes I assumed that LuLi’s was a veteran in the St. Augustine bakery game. To my surprise, I learned that the store had only been in this location one year and after being in business only three years prior. The newness of the business combined with the taste of their cupcakes shows that LuLi’s has a natural ability to sooth any sweet craving with ease.

LuLi’s also sells large cakes and caters parties. You can even host a party at LuLi’s if you are looking to celebrate a child’s birthday, ladies’ night, or just a love of desserts. Although new to the neighborhood, LuLi’s Cupcakes seems to be a perfect addition to St. Augustine.

~Amanda Michael

Open: Mon-Thurs 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Sat 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Closed Sundays

Address: 82 San Marco, St. Augustine

Phone: 904-824-5280


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