Louis Comfort Tiffany at Flagler College

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Louis Comfort Tiffany at Flagler College

Louis Comfort Tiffany at Flagler College

Louis Comfort Tiffany at Flagler College

Tiffany1Tiffany’s artistic vision surrounds Flagler students!

The former Hotel Ponce de Leon greeted guests in lavish Gilded Age splendor for eighty years until it entered a second life as Flagler College in 1967. The interior designer was Louis Comfort Tiffany, already known for developing lavish stained glass windows and lamps. In the 800-seat Dining Hall, students lounge in the same carved oak chairs imported from Austria for the hotel’s opening in 1888. While taking their meals, they can gaze upon Tiffany’s stained glass windows any time they look up.

Tiffany2The musician’s gallery above them bathes the great room with golden light. On the mezzanine landing, the Bacchus windows are intricate and bold. For the ceilings, Tiffany collaborated with the celebrated George W. Maynard on murals in the stunning 68-foot dome in the Rotunda and the Dining Hall, which evokes a Spanish galleon and events in Florida history. Henry Flagler hired the most prominent New York architectural firm, used the finest European materials and chose the Spanish Revival design to complement the city’s colonial history.

Today the nationally designated landmark is still a vital part of the modern city and a monument to his vision. 74 King Street • 904-823-3378

*All photos courtesy of Flagler College by Anthony Neste

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