Gazpacho Recipe

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Gazpacho Recipe

Gazpacho Recipe

Gazpacho Recipe


To Your Health, Gazpacho!

A fresh, chilled soup sometimes called “liquid salad.”

Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish soup from Andalusia with roots in a time when Spain was occupied by the Moors. It became famous after tomatoes and peppers were brought back from the New World by the explorer Columbus. Recipes vary regionally, but basically it’s made of tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell peppers, cucumbers and bread moistened with water.




Gazpacho Recipe:

1/4 loaf crusty bread, more or less, broken into pieces

1 cup ice water

2 tsp. Salt, to taste

1 clove garlic- crushed

4 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. wine vinegar

1 small, sweet onion

3 ripe, sweet tomatoes- peeled, seeded & chopped

1 cucumber peeled & cut into pieces


Cover bread with water, then squeeze out. Combine all ingredients and blend 1 minute. Chill thoroughly, preferably overnight. Garnish and serve in soup bowls or as a drink in a glass. Serves 4.


The origin of this recipe is truly Spanish. Our Art Director Nieves Jenkins was born and raised in Spain, and this is her family recipe. The only difference is she adds ingredients to taste…and we have included quantities to help anyone interested in preparing it at home.






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