Drink Like a Native

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Drink Like a Native

Drink Like a Native

Drink Like a Native

Enjoy some local favorites as you beat the heat…

tropicaldrinkWhen you’re in Florida, drink like a native. Nothing is more refreshing than a tall glass of tea, filled to the brim with ice cubes that jostle each other as you take a sip. Sweet tea is the Old South’s answer to reviving your sun-drenched spirits. Take note, if you don’t specify unsweetened tea, it will be served to you as sweet as a Popsicle.

Kid Fare

Children love any beverage with a straw stuck in it. Surprise them with lemonade made with fresh squeezed Florida lemons. For a special treat, make them an old fashioned root beer float or add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a cola float.

Cocktails & Summer Sippers

After a day in the sun, unwind with an iced-down cocktail. While blissfully gazing across the water, slowly sip a Rum Punch. It mingles golden rum with light flavors of the tropics, pineapple, orange and grapefruit. Another favorite is the Mai Tai, a combination of orange and lime flavors brought together with citrus flavored rum.

At lunch consider the spicy tang of a Bloody Mary paired with an avocado stuffed with shrimp or a fillet of freshly broiled grouper on a bed of crisp lettuce.

When the day’s activities have settled down to a hum, find a chair on an open-air deck, order a light appetizer and a White Wine Spritzer. A light fruity white wine mixed with sparkling soda is a great warm weather tonic before feasting on a Florida-fresh seafood entrée.

For a change of pace after dinner, try a glass of aromatic wine made from Muscadine grapes, a sweet southern variety found only in the vineyards of the Southeast.





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